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Please note all scented products are lightly scented for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin.
Our Current Scents Available
- Smells like your favorite grape candy
- Smells like a sweet and juicy pineapple
Kiwi Strawberry
- Smells like juicy strawberries with an undertone of kiwi
Smells like your favorite watermelon candy
Cotton Candy (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells like fresh cotton candy from the fair
Black Raspberry Vanilla (Sold Out)
- Smells like a sweet blend of raspberries, blackberries, and undertones of musk and vanilla
Blood Orange & Goji (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells like blood oranges with undertones of goji berries and mango
Tropical Twist
- Smells like a tropical paradise with undertones of passion-fruit, jasmine sweet citrus, and exotic florals
Mango Twist
- Smells like fresh mango with undertones of crisp apples and soft florals
Papaya Twist
- Smells like a blend of fresh melons and papaya with undertones of pineapple and hibiscus
Blueberry Twist
- Smells like a blueberry slushie with undertones of pineapple and lemon
Candy Twist (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells a like sweet blend of banana with undertones of kiwi and lemon sugar
Pink Lemonade (Discontinued Sold Out)
- Smells like lemons with undertones of sweet raspberries
Chocolate Lavender (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells a blend of milk chocolate and lavender with undertones of jasmine and amber
- Smells like warm almonds 
Apple Pie (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells like a warm baked apple pie with undertones of brown sugar and cinnamon
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
- Smells like a mixture of eucalyptus, spearmint with an undertone of lavender
Cool Water (Type) (Discontinued message to order)
- Smells like mint with undertones of cedarwood and musk
- Smells like fresh lavender with an undertone of lilac