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Our Story

Many of you may wonder what Premier Naturals By K2 stands for!!
β˜† Premier Represents Me as a Businesswoman
β˜† Naturals Represent Our Products
β˜† By Represents πŸ€”
β˜† K2 Represents Two Major Influencers in My Life

In June 2014, I lost the only grandparent that was in my life. My granny was my heart and her death was devastating. PNBK2 was my prayer to God for many years. After experiencing the loss of my rock, God knew I needed something to keep my mind busy. So in 2016 PNBK2 was birthed.

β˜† K2 Represents Katherine (Granny) & Kayla (Baby Sister)
β˜† Purple Represents My Mom & I

The brand I'm building has a much deeper meaning, that I hope to fully testify about it someday.
Thanks for supporting PNBK2.
Dee JohnsonΒ