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Welcome to Premier Naturals By K2

Premier Naturals by K2 or PNBK2 for short was launched in 2016. In 2013 I returned natural and began researching products and their ingredients like crazy. Little did I know all this research and random purchasing of ingredients would eventually lead to starting my own business. God was setting it up and I had no clue 🙏.

All my immediate family members were having issues with commercial products especially the ones dealing with skin care. We could actually use an item one day and be fine, but the next day we would break out in hives, itching, and irritation. The first product I developed was the whipped butters, the development was filled with a lot of trials and errors lol. But I finally got it right 😂.

Next was soap which was the main cause of irritation. Through more extensive research I discovered African Black Soap. Then God opened the doors to Ghana and I was able to source the Real Authentic African Black Soap. This was the next Game Changer for the skin care regimen of both my family and I 💯.

Personally my other issue with commercial products and some natural products were the amount of fragrance oils used to scent the products. Some product’s scents literally made me physically sick and wreaked havoc on my skin by leaving behind irritation from the fragrance oil.

So, my vision of offering quality natural skin and hair care products for individuals with sensitive skin and sensitivity to strong scents was born. Our products are lightly scented but you still get the overall affect of products that smell good 😉.